The World’s First & Only Temple Mounted Eyeglass Frame

Introducing Jayb Corday, the sole brand owner of the temple mounted eyeglass frame.

 We’ve turned imagination into reality!





Our Story

Invented by an eye doctor focused on his patients needs

The most common issues reported by patients regarding their eyeglasses was the comfort around the ears immediately followed by the nose. The project of a NO EAR design eyeframe came into inspiration about 3 years ago in 2020, the year of vision. After nearly 3 years of research ad design, we have built something truly special that we are excited to share with the world.

Adding more comfort around the ear and nose by using innovative design.

Significantly more stability compared to to classic frame due to tested and patented methods.


Dr. Abid Al Hamid Mustafa Dahnoun


The Original Jayb Corday

360° View of the Temple Mounted Frame

Why Jayb Corday?

Opportunity to Fix a Problem & Add Value

Eyeglass Frames first ‘invented’ and developed in the 13th century and there have been NO DESIGN CHANGES in over 300 years (1727 AD).

Innovative, tested, and patented design


Patent Published October 18th, 2022

Futuristic Applications of the Product include technology infusion with massage and audio capabilities